CQC and Home Care Services

What is CQC and Why Should You – Our Client, Care About Them?

CQC or Care Quality Commission is an independent regulator of health and social care in England. You could have a look at their regulations on their website, but I will try to summarise the most important ones here.

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Instead of leaving it at the end, let me start with the conclusion: Their job is to make sure care agencies like us provide the best home care for you.

  • They register the care providers.
  • They monitor, inspect and rate services.
  • The protect the people who use care providers’ services

Twilight Recruitment’s primary mission is to give the specific, most necessary care with passion, for you – our Client. So we believe CQC’s standards are the most accurate ones as they are focused on you as well.

Person-centred care, treat with respect and dignity and safety are only part of the Care Quality Commission’s standards.

They make sure the care we provide for you is safe.

That means you feel safe with our Carer, he or she is protecting you from any harm. However, you are still free to do the things you want to do, in a safe manner.

CQC asks for effectiveness

TheCommission can find out if we bring effective services by simply reassuring the following things:

  • Our staff has to be trained and certified for the care we provide
  • Our staff has to follow CQC’s regulations
  • Our staff has to act in a professional manner
  • Our staff has to be knowledgeable, and active in his care for you
  • Our staff has to be sure the care they provide is the exact right care you need and nothing less

The Care Quality Commission always search for responsive care agencies like us

Your needs change with the time. Our home care changes with them. CQC makes sure we are flexible enough to meet your needs. We change our plans according to the changes that happen. For example, if you need to visit a hospital or have an appointment, we should be able to create a suitable plan for you.

They make sure our staff is happy

Happy Carers means happy Clients. That is why CQC  takes care not only for you but your Carer as well. Your Carer should feel knowledgeable enough to do their job. He or she should feel supported and free to express concerns about the care we provide you with, and changes in it. At the same time, the Care Quality Commission supervises our management by doing regular inspections and rewarding us for our good work.


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